Workers and residents enjoying themselves

Short Term Stays in Assisted Living

When a short term/respite stay would help

Rehabilitation Support

After a hospital or rehabilitation stay returning home can be overwhelming as you consider all the help you might require. There is a need to coordinate meals, personal care, skilled services, and housekeeping. There is also the very real desire for companionship and perhaps, someone to take charge. In a respite apartment you would benefit from our nursing support and services. You can rely on us to coordinate outside services such as therapy and lab work while you concentrate on a speedy recovery.

Respite Care

Your basic needs are being met right now, but your care-giver needs some time for their own health or vacation. Assisted living can meet your short term needs. Be surrounded by attentive staff and know that you are well fed, safe, and with people who care.

Trial Residency

Moving into assisted living is a very big step. You may be reluctant, not knowing if you can make such a big move, if it's right for you. We invite you to stay with us for a "trial run". Get a feel for life here, meet our residents and staff, enjoy our activities and delicious meals and experience the support and services we offer to all our residents.

What to expect

Just bring your clothing, medications and some personal items. Our "short stay" apartments are fully furnished and climate controlled.

Short stay residents must complete an application and be assessed by a registered nurse before moving in.