Workers Having A Good Time


It Makes all the Difference!

We make it our mission to provide a continuum of self-directed, compassionate and innovative care, to enable those we serve to attain optimal wellness and quality of life. As a Not-For-Profit our goal is to serve our residents and create better ways of addressing their needs and desires. Scandinavian Communities strive to make a difference in the lifestyles of each individual every day.

We are committed to quality services and outcomes by providing consistent assignments and education for our employees. We recognize that employee satisfaction and commitment are connected to providing adequate staffing, competitive wages, benefits, work flexibility, education and training, opportunities to grow within the organization, and respect.

Scandinavian Communities consistently adapts its hospitality based model of services to meet the needs of each individual resident. We look for opportunities to authenticate long term benefits instead of short-term gains. Each and every day we search for innovative ways to provide better living choices for older adults.

Our success over the last 88 years has provided our residents and their loved ones lasting peace of mind. Their testimonials are our measurement. We are committed to innovation and continuous quality improvement in healthcare and aging services. We are dedicated to putting the needs of older adults first.

Scandinavian Communities consistently strive to create better living choices, set higher the standards of quality, and focus on innovative ways to improve the current and future needs and desires of older adults. As a Not-For-Profit, the bottom line is not about annual profit or loss. It is about our residents’ quality of life and satisfaction.

That’s the Not-For-Profit difference!