Resident and workers playing a game


Care and Quality are
our hallmark

Since our founding in 1930, our Scandinavian Communities have maintained a reputation for resident dignity, excellent care and quality service. We believe that our founders would be very proud of us today - proud that we remain driven by an uncompromising insistence on quality in our staff, residences and care; proud that we retain the warmth and spirit which have been our hallmark for over 88 years.

We proudly offer a full continuum of wellness and care with compassion and professionalism. Our smaller size makes us unique in Rhode Island and relationships between staff and residents are easily formed. These close bonds allow staff to more easily recognize changes in resident health conditions.

All nursing services are resident-centered and therefore value the whole person and include preventative and early intervention care. Short-term skilled care patients may choose to spend additional time in the assisted living. This may allow them to gain the confidence they need to transition back to their homes.

Our staff will help residents in the assisted living transition to rehabilitative services, short term skilled nursing or long term care nursing services when they no longer meet the assisted living level of care.

No matter what your needs, our Scandinavian Communities allow you to enjoy life. Let us become your family as we take care of you and support those you love.